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Inventory VIII//MMXVI


Bleakwood/Azoth: Etched Upon Oblivion/Babalon split 7" (includes download card) - Bleakwood's track is the most compositionally ambitious and schizophrenic yet, the Azoth track is the epic highlight of the demo now in glorious analog. Regular edition $10, diehard with poster and patches of each band $15

Bleakwood/Ekadzati: split 7" (includes download card) - Two bands and two labels whose sole purpose is the expression of iconoclastic black art join together in a trans-Pacific partnership to present their latest aural artifact—a split 7” documenting their wanderings in the crepuscular corridors of being. Drawing from Western and Eastern esoteric traditions respectively, Bleakwood and Ekadzati apply the force of sound as a skillful means to guide and challenge the listener into liminal states and dark dreams. Their efforts move in counterpoint, nudging the listener through ravenous motion, crawling melodic stasis, dizzy rhythmic stuttering... Co-released by Milam Records (US) and Tactical Solutions Recordings, the split is presented in a unique wingfold sleeve fastened with an obi strip which comes in one of five colors. All orders include a download code for the digital edition. Taste it here. Limited to 250 copies.

Bleakwood: Blood & Faith 7" (includes download card) - Aggressive, atmospheric and disciplined black metal released by Foul Is Fair (RIP). Fans of Nazxul and latter-day Leviathan would do well to check this out. SOLD OUT!

Famine: self-titled LP (includes download card) - One of the most original and disturbing acts working in the idiom of black metal today. Comparisons with other acts are not easy, but if you're a Portal fan, miss this at your peril. Presented on 200 gram vinyl, in a gatefold, with a poster. SOLD OUT!

Lampades/Bleakwood: split 7" - Issued by Psychedelic Lotus Records (China). The strongest Bleakwood composition yet meets excellent dark, murky Australian DM. Bleakwood cover art by Karlynn Holland. Limited to 333 worldwide, far more limited here. Act fast. $10


Azoth: self-titled CD demo - The bastard offspring of Beherit, Si Monumentum...-era DsO, and early Nazxul, with a Thelemic theme throughout. A focused, auspicious debut. Vokills have to be heard to be believed! Newly repackaged for Tactical Solutions. Features members of Greed & Rapacity and Ironwood. SOLD OUT!

Ein Skopudhr Galdra: The Wanderer and His Shadow CD - For those who have wondered what the ambient Burzum albums would be like with an order of magnitude more scope, imagination and compositional chops, look no further. $15

Ein Skopudhr Galdra/Mistsorrow split CD - A ritualistic and imaginative cross-pollination of neoclassical, neofolk and dark ambient infused with the icy spirit of black metal. For fans of Aghast, Neptune Towers, etc. Released on Aurora Australis Recordings. $20

Flourishing: A Momentary Sense of the Immediate World mCD - If you haven't heard of NY's Flourishing yet, you'll be hearing plenty soon. Angular, dissonant grind/death with the aggression of hardcore and - somehow - heaps of atmosphere. This is their debut. $10

Flourishing: The Sum of All Fossils CD - A development from the mCD, with longer songs and more post-metal atmosphere but all their aggression and wonkiness intact. Fans of Immolation and Ulcerate should definitely check this out. Brilliant. $15

Futility: The View From Here CD - An outstanding release of Australian doom/death. Rolling low- to mid-pace rhythms pile-drive crushing riffs, overlaid by agonised, extreme and emotive vocals. This release rends hearts and breaks bones. $15

Greed & Rapacity: Ergreifer CD demo - Forward-thinking and savage black metal. A particularly dark and provocative release, lyrically focusing on the malignant and twisted expression of ancient archetypes in the late-modern world. PAY WHAT YOU WANT!

Infinitum: Behold Eradication CD - Debut full-length of technical, brutal US-style death metal featuring members of Psychrist and Dehuman. $15

Infinitum: The Sixth Extinction CD - Second album, displaying unimpeachable musicianship and a refined and subtly melodic approach that will appeal to fans of Myrkskog and Zyklon. $15

Ironwood: s/t demo CD - An original and powerful debut release that garnered strong reviews and an instant following. Folk metal with progressive touches for fans of Borknagar, Enslaved, and Ophthalamia. LAST FEW COPIES $8

Ironwood: :Fire:Water:Ash: CD - The debut full-length album. A powerful, unique and evocative expression of the band's progressive|folk|metal approach, presented in a digipack with a 24-page booklet. $20

Ironwood: Storm Over Sea - An ambitious and outstanding follow-up. Mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö, this is even more varied and extreme than the debut full-length. Fans of latter-day Enslaved definitely should pick this up! Sounds incredible, looks incredible, not to be missed. $20

Mare Cognitum: An Extraconscious Lucidity CD - Top-shelf USBM presented in an edition of 150 hand-numbered copies. Yes, they are CD-Rs, but it's a gorgeously-presented full-length... the packaging reminds me of a Constellation Records release and the music reminds me of an icier Velvet Cacoon or a more aggressive WitTR or a gnarlier Limbonic Art. Have a listen, but don't miss this. OUT OF STOCK, please email to discuss restock

Sword Toward Self: Dissolution Mantras mCD - Progressive and dynamic death metal with black metal influences. For fans of Death, Pestilence and Emperor. Feat. members of Ironwood. $8

 The Veil: Impermanence CD -

The Veil: Ghosts of Memory CD - The full-length debut. Nine tracks over an hour of playing time demonstrate a diverse yet coherent approach to dark rock/metal with post-punk inflections. Great songs, hooks and performances set off by a classy organic production that allows the material to breathe and showcases The Veil's dynamism and layered arrangements. Beautiful, minimalistic digipack layout by Valnoir (Watain, Morbid Angel, Sunn O))), etc.). $25

The Veil: Nightfall Watching mCD - An intriguing and auspicious debut release. Three (lengthy) tracks of The Veil’s richly and densely layered sound, with composition influenced by early 90s extreme metal as well as 80s post-punk and 70’s-80’s rock and metal. $10

Wretch: The Senseless Violence EP - Grinding yet memorable hacked-off death metal from members of Infinitum and Futility. Reminiscent in places of early Cryptopsy, which is a fix you won't get so much these days. An enjoyably unreconstructed listen. $5


Aerugo: Two tracks of bleeding-raw black/doom. Pro cassette issued by Sanctum Abyss. Taste it here. SOLD OUT!

Dead River Runs Dry: Winter 2012 tape - the already-infamous demo now on tape with exclusive bonus live versions of the songs from Evil Invaders 2013. Released by Aurora Australis Records in a limited run; TacSol holds just a few copies... $5

Ekadzati: self-titled tape - Noise-reinforced black metal alloyed with traces of ambient, doom, and drone. Riddling lyrics that hint at the rattling darkness of esoteric Buddhism. Edition of 100 copies on Milam Records. Each copy includes a download code for the digital edition, as well as an 11”x17” poster and a bonus PDF booklet containing additional art and a short esoteric work. $6

Greed & Rapacity: Loki Bound tape - one track (33mins!) of ritual blackened funeral doom. An exploration of the very mire of existence; extremely heavy, dark, and textured. A distillation of the very essence of unrelenting black art. $6

The Widow: Dhumavati tape - swirling but piercing USBM with some parallels to the last couple of Burzum albums (post-internment). Issued by Milam Records. Pro tape, art by Vincent Como, includes digital download. LAST FEW COPIES WORLDWIDE! $6


Bleakwood - pro-designed t-shirt with Bleakwood logo in white and icon in textured crimson on the front, lyrics from the 7" on a textured crimson background on the back. Limited stock. M, L, girls 12. $20

Dead River Runs Dry - skull shirt. Black design on white for guys', white design on black for girls'. Picture here. As is usual for DRRD, the run is limited. SOLD OUT!

Dead River Runs Dry - Werewolf Messiah shirt. Black Gildan shirt with evil dark yellow print. These were pretty much sold out before the stock even made it into the band's hands, but a small number of S and L only remain. No reprint is currently planned. SOLD OUT!

Dead River Runs Dry - black Gildan shirt with red logo. Simple, effective, and very, very limited. Once they're gone, that's it. Buy or cry. Only M left; these will fit people who normally wear L. SOLD OUT!

Ironwood - flame serpent t-shirt, :Fire:Water:Ash: era. The men's design has lyrics from the song "Yggr" on the back. Limited stock. Enquire for sizes. $25

Sword Toward Self - black shirt with EP design on the front and suicidal haiku on the back. Get in touch for sizes including girls' shirts. $20

The Veil - attractive and minimalistic white on black logo. Enquire for sizes. Girls' shirts also available. $25

The Veil - Ghosts of Memory album cover design. Gold print. Most sizes (incl. girls' shirts) available. $25


Azoth: logo patch, embroidered white on black. $5

Bleakwood: logo patch, embroidered white on black. $5

Dead River Runs Dry: round logo patch, embroidered red on black. Picture here. $5

Eightfold Sun Zine: Issue I (includes 70min pro-pressed CD sampler) - Published 2008. Includes interviews with Axis of Advance, Abigor, Nazxul, Ansur, sleepmakeswaves, Aeon of Horus, Musk Ox, Internecine Excoriation, and more. $10

Famine: logo patch, embroidered white on black. SOLD OUT!

Mitochondrion: circular logo + sigil patch, embroidered white on black. SOLD OUT!

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