Sunday, 2 June 2013

Evil Invaders and concomitant news

1) The first (and so far, only) Bleakwood shirt design remains in very limited stock, in sizes M, L and girls' 12 only. Evil Invaders may be your last chance to get one; if you're not coming to Evil Invaders, you are advised to act prior to that. This won't be reprinted.

2) At Evil Invaders, Bleakwood will be unleashing at 12:30pm Saturday, co-conspirators Dead River Runs Dry following at 2pm. Complement your lunch with visceral transcendent existential horror.

3) The DRRD 'Werewolf Messiah' shirt may already be exhausted; we at TacSol await confirmation. UPDATE: Yes, it is indeed sold out. There will be a cult new DRRD shirt design at Evil Invaders; again, limited stock; again, we have already received numerous orders; again, we anticipate it will sell out pretty much contemporaneously with it coming into our possession. The run of this design includes girls' shirts in sizes 8 and 10, as well as the usual range of unisex sizes.

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